Distribution activity

Distribution activity

We are the top distributor of frozen foods in Poland and leading product supplier for catering industry. Thanks to our nationwide distribution network, we are able to reach more than 60 thousand catering facilities and retailers in Poland per year with our vast range of products (frozen, fresh and dry products). Our distribution services are built on 400 qualified sales representatives, distribution networks with 25 branches and cross-docks, a fleet of specialist delivery vehicles (freezers and cold stores) and a team of service workers who take care of refrigeration and catering equipment located at our Customers’ points of sales. We cooperate with hundreds of Commercial Partners, i.e. domestic and foreign manufacturers of well-known and popular consumer brands, including brands dedicated to HoReCa sector. Due to years of experience in distribution and gradual development of logistics potential of our Iglotex Group, we were able to establish optimal model for professional cooperation with our suppliers which brings mutual benefits to both of us.



shutterstock_320752700.jpgIglotex Group cooperates with individual and network recipients who operate in all segments of catering industry. Our customers include excellent chefs from renowned restaurants and hotels, chefs and experts from catering companies or public sector facilities, and master confectioners or owners of popular fast food restaurants, bars, cafes or seasonal joints. Every single day, we help our recipients to achieve success and increase satisfaction of their customers through providing high-quality products (of well-known brands, including our own), attractive special offers, culinary consulting and swift deliveries of goods. All this is included in our comprehensive offer for customers from catering industry!



shutterstock_77088364.jpgWe distribute various food products through traditional and modern channels (including domestic and foreign commercial networks). Our vast portfolio of products includes frozen foods (ice cream, fruit and vegetables, French fries, farinaceous products, flour and potato products, ready-made meals, pizza, roasted sandwiches, fish, seafood, ice cubes) and refrigerated foods (pierogi dumplings, pizza, flour and potato products, smoked and processed fish). We offer our own brand and a plethora of top brands of our Commercial Partners from each category of products.